University of Maryland Medical Center

Snow by Adult Professional Adrian Rugas won Honorable Mention in the UMMC 8th Anuual NAP Exhibit
7th Annual Exhibit
Andrew Tang
Teen 13-18, Second Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Microbiology Lab
6th Annual Exhibit
Melissa Herren
Amateur, Best of Show
Employee; Facilities
6th Annual Exhibit
Lara Therese Eugenio
Teen 13-18, Art Education Award
Works on Paper
Relative; GOR
6th Annual Exhibit
Lorraine Valeri
Amateur, Second Place
Employee; Regulatory & Compliance
6th Annual Exhibit
Terrence Gray
Intermediate, First Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Medical Records
6th Annual Exhibit
Adrian Rugas
Professional, First Place
Relative; Same Day Surgery


The University of Maryland Medical Center NAP Exhibit is held in Baltimore, Maryland. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include University of Maryland Medical Center employees, physicians, residents, retirees and immediate family members of employees, physicians, residents or retirees. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.