Participate in an Annual Exhibit

The program is completely free and open to all employees and their family members of participating municipalities, counties, hospitals and commercial organizations. After the program has been adopted by your employer, you and your family members are then free to participate in your individual venue's exhibition. As a participant your artwork will be displayed publicly and you are eligible for cash prizes. Your employer will nominate a Coordinator that you may contact for specific guidelines and information on your individual exhibit.

Click here to see our Venue Page for a listing of current exhibits.

Participate in the Online Artist Gallery

It is not necessary to create an account on our website in order to register for one of our exhibits across the country.  However, creating one will enable you to upload digital samples of your work to the website for others around the world to enjoy.  We encouraged you to take part in our online artist gallery to proudly represent yourself and your venue!

Click here to see all of the magnificent artwork that is currently being displayed in our Online Gallery.