Memorial Health Care System

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Memorial Health Care System

The Memorial Health Care System NAP Exhibit is held in Chattanooga, Tennennesse. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include Memorial Health Care System  associates, volunteers, physicians and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.

7th Annual Exhibit
Anna Partlow
Teen 13-18, First Place
Relative; Palliative Care
7th Annual Exhibit
Dr. David Salerno
Professional, First Place
Employee; Cardiac Surgeon
7th Annual Exhibit
Lila Heet
Amateur, Second Place
Employee; Pharmacy
7th Annual Exhibit
Kari Johnson
Intermediate, Best of Show
Works on Paper
Relative; Surgery
7th Annual Exhibit
John Foreman
Intermediate, First Place
Employee; Cardiac
7th Annual Exhibit
Sarah Poole
Youth 12 & Under, Third Place
Relative; Maintenance
7th Annual Exhibit
Lisa Harrison
Amatuer, First Place
Employee; Physical Therapy
7th Annual Exhibit
Chad Miller
Teen 13-18, Second Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Laboratory


Inactive Venue
7th Annual Exhibit
Exhibition Dates:
Sep 27, 2013 to Jan 10, 2014
Reception Date:
Oct 8, 2013


Melissa Tinker, Executive Assistant, Cancer Services & Arts Medicine Program
(423) 495-3147
Fax: (423) 495-6318

Venue Location

2525 de Sales Ave.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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