Forensics expert suggests Bristol’s Banksy is Gorillaz founder Jamie Hewlett

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A forensic expert claims to have revealed the identity of Bristol’s anonymous street artist Banksy – and he says it's Gorillaz founder Jamie Hewlett.

The expert, who asked to remain anonymous because he might get “hate mail for unmasking him”, believes he has proof of the graffiti star’s real identity – after following a company ownership trail.

The data, according to The Metro , shows that a ‘J Hewlett’ is associated with every company known to be connected to the anonymous artist.

The south London-based source said: “I really believe it could be Jamie Hewlett. Or at least he seems to own all things Banksy.”

Hewlett, 50, from Horsham, Sussex, where Banksy has struck in the past, is best known for creating virtual band Gorillaz with Blur frontman Damon Albarn.

Adding fuel to the fire, Banksy’s renowned gorilla stencil appears in Gorillaz’s official music video for Tomorrow Comes Today.

The street artist is also behind the Think Tank album for Albarn’s Blur.

Publicist for Banksy, Joanna Brooks, told The Metro in an email: “I can confirm that Jamie Hewlitt is not the artist Banksy.”

The expert responded: “It’s Jamie Hewlett, not Hewlitt. Not sure if that’s them being technical?”

The expert, in his mid-30s, discovered the trail after searching through Companies House, a site that registers company information available to the public, for beneficial ownership of every company connected to the iconic artist.

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