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About the National Arts Program®

The National Arts Program® was founded in 1982 with the purpose of providing individuals a forum to showcase and develop their visual artistic talents.  The broad aim of the program is to create a sense of community and artistic fulfillment by encouraging the creative talent of our nation’s employees to come forth and be recognized by the public.

Historically, individuals have faced a number of obstacles that prevent them from bringing forth their artistic talents.  These obstacles include financial expenses, art politics, and the commercial requirements of most exhibitions.  However, The National Arts Program® has absolutely proven that there is another way. 

For 33 years, The National Arts Program® has held annual exhibits featuring the visual artworks of employees and their immediate family members in a variety of venues including cities, counties, airports, hospitals, transit authorities and other large organizations.  The program has proven that each year brings an extraordinary exhibit of visual artistic talent from these individuals.  

Would your organization like to host an employee art show? Do you have over 3500 employees? Contact us now, by filling out the 'Join the Program' Form, to see if you qualify.

NOTE: The National Arts Program Foundation's exclusive purpose is to support The National Arts Program®. Other than the awards and continuing art education scholarships associated with the Program, it does not issue grants to nor does it give specific support to individual artists, or other art agencies, foundations, or programs. The National Arts Program Foundation reserves the right to publish for publicity purposes reproductions of artwork entries. The National Arts Program® organizes public exhibits and photographing/filming the exhibits is encouraged.