20th Anniversary in Pittsburgh

The National Arts Program has been privileged to have a long-standing NAP exhibit in the City of Pittsburgh. This was their 20th Annual Showcase and in honor of this anniversary the NAP presented long time coordinator, Le Frankowski, with a piece of art from a local Pittsburgh artist named Murph McCulloch. Her artwork was entitled ‘Shapes of the Rainbow’ and the statement which accompanied the piece stated that “this painting was one of my first pieces showcasing my transition from artist to woodworker. Looking at this now, it is evident the things I would change. But that is the beauty of progression. You don’t always realize your progression as it’s happening. However, when you look back… it becomes very clear how much you’ve grown. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary! May your progression be both evident and surprising!”

Their awards ceremony and reception were held on Tuesday, April 2nd and included a very special award presented to a very unusual artist. River, the City of Pittsburgh’s Canine Ambassador, created his very own painting for the exhibit and took home the Canine Best in Show Award for his painting ‘Bird’! River, who just retired, spent most of his days freely roaming the fifth floor of Pittsburgh’s City-County building bringing joy to employees and visitors and helping to improve an often-stressful workplace. His participation in the NAP exhibit had quite the same effect and seeing him there brought joy to the artist attendees and their guests. Leona Frankowski and the Department of Parks and Recreation always go out of their way to make the reception a festive celebration and have done so for these last twenty years. Congratulations on another great showcase Pittsburgh!