7th Exhibit
Leah Rigg
Professional, Second Place
Relative; Honolulu Fire Dept.
7th Exhibit
Jodi H. Aragon
Amateur, Third Place
Relative; Honolulu Police Dept. Retiree
7th Exhibit
Shane Hamamoto
Professional, Third Place
Employee; Dept. of Seign & Construction
7th Exhibit
Maya Ushijima
Youth 12 & Under, Second Place
Relative; Dept. of the Corporation Counsel
7th Exhibit
Amy Tsuneyoshi
Intermediate, First Place
Employee; Board of Water Supply
7th Exhibit
Cassandra Ashlyn Tancinco
Teen 13-18, Third Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Dept. of Budget & Fiscal Services


The City of Honolulu NAP Exhibit is held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include City and County of Honolulu employees, retirees and the immediate family members of employees and retirees. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.