BH 187 FAUNA Clay Basketweave Rattle


A hand formed pillow rattle adorned with turquoise chips, clay beads and carved turquoise animals. The rattle measures 11" long x 4" wide and will be shown in the upcoming January 2012 Camden County art show at the JCC, Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ. Ceremonial RATTLES have been used for centuries to celebrate beginnings. They were the gift of choice among Victorians wishing to commemorate the birth of a child but as far back as the humble Egyptians, rattles were utilized to memorialize each new chapter in the life of the individual. Many cultures believe in Healing RATTLES and their capacity to dispel illness & dis¬-ease. These Rattles are credited with being able to awaken the human spirit, drive out negative energies and center personal focus. My versions of these Rattles are hand formed and adorned with symbols of wellness; they are shaped to be grasped. During times of despair, medical treatments or loneliness, the Rattle should be gently shaken to the beat of one’s heart. RATTLES do help us to ground; their sound is powerful & magical, producing an incomparable energy all their own. The gourd Rattles made by the American Indian were filled with plants they raised & considered sacred - corn, tobacco, and rice. My fired clay Rattles are filled with dried bits of clay which I revere as the complete gestalt of life. These fired bits provide the sound of the earth as my Rattles are shaken or handled. Both my Pillow and Crescent Rattles are “birthed” in the same way. Once the basic shape is formed, I tenderly blow my own CHI (breath of life) inside, sealing the opening quickly closed with pursed lips. These Rattles are then finished with terra sigillata & fired or further adorned with some a leather cord or wood handle, semi-precious stones, clay, bone, copper or shell beads - details which complement the importance of the Rattle

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