Phytoborg 2: The Living Machines: Surreal Evolution

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Phytoborg 2: The Living Machines: Surreal Evolution

Works on Paper

The Phytoborg series is a subseries of the Living Machines.  A “Phytoborg” is a vegetative lifeform that fuses machine and living plant-like elements.  As with the machine-creatures in the Living Machine series, these vegetative machine-plant creatures embody visions of post-technology life or of exo-biological life.  The “tree” in “Phytoborg 2” is largely organic in appearance, but includes cube-like shapes that suggest a machine or non-biological origin.  The drawing is more overtly surrealistic than other drawings in this series and may serve at the genesis of a series of Surrealistic Evolution images.  In a sense, “Phytoborg 2” is a departure from other works in the living machine series because there might not be any possible natural history that could account for the landscape and subject, even an alien one.

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