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Our Mission

The National Arts Program® provides an uninhibited opportunity for employees and their family members to participate in a professional visual arts exhibition.

Our Core Values

There is artistic talent in everyone – Everyone possesses artistic talent regardless of their chosen professional career that should be nurtured and encouraged.

Art provides a sense of self-worth - By encouraging people to display their artistic talents, the program builds confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment within the individual.

Displaying art enriches the community – By giving individuals the opportunity to showcase their creative talents in their work environment, the program creates a sense of community within the workplace while boosting employee morale.

Our Impact

With 86 exhibitions held within 38 states, the program displays around 15,000 pieces of visual art each year, demonstrating to the general public a human dimension of employees previously hidden, making it a vital part of the local cultural community.  In addition, by inviting artists of varying skill levels, from youth to professional, to participate, the program promotes a sense of confidence, self-worth and artistic accomplishment within the individual.