Public Service Employees Win Big in Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia Public Services Department made a strong showing of their creative talents at this year’s NAP exhibit.  Most notably, the City’s police and fire departments who along with their immediate family members made up close to 10% of the 114 total participants.  

This group not only provided a strong showing, but a large number of them, participating for the first time, received recognition for their artistic talents by placing in their particular category.  Both the First Place Professional and Intermediate Honorable Mention went to City of Philadelphia Policemen, Jonathan Castro and Edward Fidler respectively.  Officer Fidler commented that he often takes photographs while on his shift and he was inspired to enter the piece entitled “A Thinking Man’s Game” into the show.  Eric Stukes, a Lieutenant in the Philadelphia Fire Department, was awarded First Place in the Intermediate category for his extremely detailed and delicate sculpture of Frederick Douglass. 

Along with Mayor Kenney, participants, including numerous men and women in uniform, and their families attended the awards reception held on December 14th to show support for their fellow public servants and family members.  Detective Ralph Domenic was there to cheer on his wife, Lisa as she was awarded Best of Show for her painting entitled “It Started with a Fist”, which was selected by City Representative Sheila Hess.

It’s clear that there is definitely hidden artistic talent within the City’s Public Service Departments and the NAP is extremely pleased to be able to provide a platform for these individuals to showcase and be recognized for their creative talents!  

Lieutenant Eric Stukes proudly pointing to one of the sculptures he entered in this year’s exhibit. Photo Credit: Bill Foster