Professional Experience for Participants in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN celebrated their Fifth Anniversary with another beautifully displayed exhibition of artwork from city employees and their family members. The exhibition was once again installed at the Garfield Park Arts Center. This venue not only provides a professional atmosphere for the show, but gives the participants the experience of having their artwork hung in an art gallery setting.

In addition, Coordinator Kris May offers each participant the opportunity to submit an artist biography or statement about their work which is then made available to the public during the exhibition. A simple detail like this provides a more personal view of the artists and not only gives the attendees insight about the participants, but provides other employees the opportunity to learn more about their co-workers.

Kris and the entire staff at the Garfield Park Arts Center do a wonderful job of making each artist’s experience with the NAP as authentic as possible to a real museum exhibition all while still creating a sense of community.


 Another view of the NAP exhibit at the Garfield Parks Art Center.