Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Tops 200 Pieces in 2012

Right from the start we knew we had an amazing Coordinator in Diane Dombrock. Diane is the Program Director with the Airport Foundation MSP and in only her third year running the program she has already blown us away. It is their best show yet with over 200 artworks beautifully displayed in a bustling area of the airport. With so much exposure and being treated to such a wonderful reception, it is no wonder that the artists are so thrilled to participate.

As in past years, both the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission Jeff Hamiel and Executive Director of the Minnesota State Arts Board, Sue Gens were honored to speak at the reception.
Everyone at MSP Airport that has been involved with their NAP exhibit shows dedication to both the employees and the arts and that is surely what continues to make the Program a true success. Thank you for another great year!
Image: "Parasols"; Nancy Stefan; Intermediate, Second Place; Photography; Volunteer; Airport Foundation MSP