Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, MN Joins the NAP

The National Arts Program® is excited to announce our newest venue: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, MN. 

The NAP will be partnering with the Airport Foundation MSP to host the airport's first annual exhibition in November of this year.  With a total of 15,000 eligible employees plus their family members, it is sure to be an exceptional show.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport will be joining the ranks of our other already hugely successful airport venues that include DFW International Airport, Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Orlando International Airport.  The NAP is so thankful for all of our airport venue coordinators who have been spreading the word about our program.  We would especially like to thank Guy Bruggeman, our DFW International Airport Coordinator, who has been hard at work promoting our program across the country.

The National Arts Program® is excited about this new partnership and we are looking forward to a great first show!