Huge Show for Atlanta International Airport

The response to the First Annual NAP Exhibit at Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, GA was overwhelmingly positive.  “People are already planning on creating new works to enter next year,” commented venue coordinator David Vogt.  The exhibit features 178 pieces of artwork from 111 different artists who are all connected to the airport either as employees, retirees or immediate family members of employees or retirees.

Due to the size of the exhibit it was installed in two locations within the airport - the Atrium Gallery and the Gallery T Display Cases (pictures left).   While the Atrium Gallery is accessible to anyone visiting the airport, the Gallery T Display Cases are located beyond the security checkpoint making them only accessible to travelers with a valid boarding pass.   In order to make this portion of the show available to all the artists and their family members, David arranged to have attendees escorted through security after the the awards reception in the Atrium.  Having to plan around security is often the case when dealing with exhibition spaces within airport settings as most available display spaces are located between terminals and in high traffic areas where travelers passing through will see the shows.   Even with these additional elements, David did a tremendous job making sure that everyone was able to take in the exhibit.

In addition to the visit to the Gallery T Display Cases during the awards reception, Aviation General Manager Louis Miller announced that the Airport Art Program would be purchasing the Best of Show piece by Intermediate artist Alexandra Marrero for their permanent collection.


Employees and travelers pausing to take in the artwork
on display in the Gallery T Display Cases