Airport Art Program Enlists Support

A traveler takes in the artwork at the
2nd Annual Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA
National Arts Program® Exhibit

A community of airport employees rich with artistic talent displayed their works throughout both the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Gallery T Display Cases and the Atrium Gallery. In total 155 pieces were hung and the show looked both beautiful and professional. 

The success they had was due to the efforts of their coordinator, David Vogt, and the Airport Art Program. David made key promotional decisions that worked well for them. First, the Airport Art Program made it a point to attend departmental and division staff meetings through the airport to share information about the exhibit and enlist their support to spread the word among their employees. Additionally, approximately 15 large floor-standing sign boards with information about the exhibit were placed throughout the airport at key locations where employees frequently pass. 

The promotion was a success and in David’s words the show “was embraced by the airport community and is a source of pride among the artists.” At least two of the artists in the show sold their work and in addition the Airport Art Program purchased the Best of Show piece for the Airport’s permanent collection.
David commented that he hopes to see the program settle into a more regular exhibition schedule in the coming years. Due to the airports exhibition commitments it could take some time, but his goal is that eventually the employees will come to anticipate the employee art show at a particular time period each year.