Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center NAP Exhibit is held in Nashville, Tennessee. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.

10th Annual Exhibit
Daryl Funn
Professional, Third Place
Relative; Community Health Improvement
3rd Annual Exhibit
Amanda Acevedo
Teen 13-18; Second Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Administrative
3rd Annual Exhibit
Jessamyn Davis
Intermediate, First Place
Works on Paper
Realtive; Engineering Dept.
3rd Annual Exhibit
Amina Trotter Lockett
Youth 12 & Under, Best of Show
Works on Paper
Relative; Human Resources
3rd Annual Exhibit
Judit Pap (LT) with Coordinator Jenny Lewis
Intermediate, Third Place
Relative; EECS
3rd Annual Exhibit
Amy Blackman
Employee; Creative Services
3rd Annual Exhibit
Ruby Blackman
Teen 13-18, First Place
Relative; Creative Services
3rd Annual Exhibit
WJ Cummingham
Professional, First Place
Employee; Biostastics


Inactive Venue
3rd Annual Exhibit
Exhibition Dates:
Sep 1, 2011 to Jan 3, 2012
Reception Date:
Sep 20, 2011


Jenny Lewis, Program Coordinator
(615) 936-1234
Fax: (615) 936-2261

Venue Location

1002 Oxford House
Nashville, Tennessee 37232-4225

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Jenny Lewis
NAP Coordinator
Nashville, Tennessee