Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic

Rachael Turnball Teen 13-18, First Place Works on Paper Relative; Marketing and Communications
8th Annual Exhibit
Zora Dulaney
Teen 13-18, Art Education Award
Relative; Marketing and Communications
8th Annual Exhibit
Alexios Stratton
Teen 13-18, Second Place
Relative; Technology Services Group
8th Annual Exhibit
Lanie Taylor
Youth 12 & Under, Second Place
Relative; Pharmacy
8th Annual Exhibit
Genevieve Neice
Professional, First Place
Mixed Media
Employee; Pharmacy Services
8th Annual Exhibit
Rachel Heletz
Intermediate, Second Place
Employee; Family and Community Medicine
8th Annual Exhibit
Sydney Jacobs
Amateur, First Place
Works on Paper
Employee; Wellness
7th Annual Exhibit
Tammy Campbell
Intermediate, Honorable Mention
Employee; Pediatrics
7th Annual Exhibit
Lacy Nichols
Amateur, Honorable Mention
Employee; Saint Albans Behavioral Health


The Carilion Clinic NAP Exhibit is held in Roanoke, Virginia. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include Carilion Clinic employees, volunteers and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.

8th Annual Exhibit
  Fully Virtual Exhibit
Exhibition Dates:
Aug 23, 2021
Reception Date:


Katie Biddle, Program Coordinator
(540) 224-4548
Fax: (540) 985-8456

Venue Location

213 McClanahan Street
Roanoke, Virginia 24014


Healers' Circle Art Show, Carilion Clinic's 8th Annual National Arts Program Employee Art Show

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