Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Nicholas Alessi Amateur, Third Place Photography Employee; 4EF Covid Surge Unit
7th Annual Exhibit
Catherine Warner
Amateur, First Place
Relative; AAH Research Institute
7th Annual Exhibit
Christa Borchardt
Teen 13-18, First Place
Works on Paper
Relative; Physical Rehabilitation
7th Annual Exhibit
Rachel Zumstein
Intermediate, Second Place
Relative; Pre-Admissions Testing Center
7th Annual Exhibit
Rina Niderman
Youth 12 & Under, Second Place
Relative; HBO/Wound Care
7th Annual Exhibit
Jeannette Bobby
Professional, Second Place
Relative; Cardiac Surgery
7th Annual Exhibit
Ana Caballero Arriaga
Professional, Third Place
Relative; Surgery


The Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center NAP Exhibit is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center employees, retirees, volunteers, medical residents or an immediate family member of an employee, retiree or volunteer. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.