Celtic Princess (Self-Portrait)

Celtic Princess (Self-Portrait)

Works on Paper

2013. 9"x12", Digital Composite.
From my series "The World of She", displayed at Tacoma City Hall March 2 thru June 3, 2014.

Folklore, history and mystification combine to make the Celts a fascinating ancient people—with various kings, queens and nobility. In this painting, She is dressed in the ornate velvet robes of a
Princess. The robe is embellished with Celtic knot designs. Her crown is made of green water with an
emerald encrusted front. Her castle was built fifteen hundred years ago on the River Shannon in County Limerick, Ireland. An ancient rune stone around two thousand years old declares the laws of the Celts as “carved in stone”. She will represent the noble lineage of her family, marry a Prince and
procreate; leaving behind a legacy of “Éireannach uabhar”, (Irish pride).

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