Man In A Field of Flowers and Arrows


"Man Surrounded by Flowers and Arrows," Spray paint, oil paint, and mixed media on masonite, 3'x4,' 2017
This painting is of a homeless man that I saw walking down the street in Hollywood.  The painting has a man standing in front of a street, and hills in the background.  There is a sign with three arrows pointing in different directions to represent the different directions that he might be going in.  There are clouds in the sky.  There are some rhinestone sickers collaged on the wood in the hills, on hos jacket, in his hair and around some of the flowers.  There are eight flowers painted around the figure, to show growth and hope for the figure.  There is a sun on top of the sign with the arrows, and supposed to represent light in the darkness.  There is a black heart on his forehead.   The viewer is supposed to wonder about his life and situation.  

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