Robot 29: Plantimal 1

Works on Paper

This graphite drawing is part of a series (The Living Machines) that depicts life as it might be on other worlds or on an Earth of the distant future.  In particular, the series explores post technological scenarios in which a fusion between which organic life and feral technology has occurred.  This drawing addresses the concepts of Lamarckian evolution and mimetic self-construction.  The central focus of the work is a largely biological entity, with no explicit machine elements.  This entity has both plant-like and animal-like components, and might fancifully be called a Plantimal.  The creature is shown investigating its surroundings, which contain technological and machine detritus.  Here, the creature has taken on some aspects of the machine remnants in its environment.  The background is a composite of elements taken from the Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix, Arizona and eroded volcanic cores from various locations.  “Robot 29” is followed in the Living Machine series by “Robot 30”, which continues the theme of the Plantimals.

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