Robot 28

Works on Paper

This graphite drawing depicts a machine-creature consisting of a spherical cage filled with twisted pipes and machine detritus.  The work was begun in 2014 and completed in 2015.  As with several other drawings in this series (“The Living Machines”), thematic elements from natural and artificial evolution are explored in the work.  Background elements are taken from the Santa Rita mountain range south of Tucson Arizona and East of I-19.  The main subject of the drawing, the spheroid machine-creature in the foreground, might have a vegetative intelligence rather than a high-level human-like form of intelligence.  It is shown interacting with its surroundings, grazing on sticks or perhaps doing some other vegetative activity.  This creature is somewhat less machine-like than those depicted in other drawings in this series, with no explicit “feet” and an amorphous character. 

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