Supporting Frontline Workers & the Black Lives Matter Movement

Supporting Frontline Workers & the Black Lives Matter Movement

The National Arts Program is proud to partner with Brooklyn based illustrator Veronica Lynch!!

As an organization that highlights the artwork of healthcare and city employees annually nationwide, the National Arts Program thinks you have someone to nominate! We are matching the first $500 of donations made and Veronica will create a portrait (see below)! Please check back as we showcase her work on our social media feeds.

“In these unprecedented times I want to highlight that we are surrounded by our own superheroes, whether they are in costume or not. If you have a super hero you want to appreciate, you can make a donation of $50 or more to one of the charities listed on my website and send me a short description of why this person is a hero to you! I will make a portrait of them as a super hero. Send me an email at and include the following:

-A photo of your hero

-Description of why they are a hero to you

-Photo or screen shot of your donation receipt

Go to to donate now!