NAP Art Education Award in 2016

One of the objectives of The National Arts Program® has always been to provide our artists with the opportunity to further their art education through our ‘Continuing Art Education Matching Scholarship’. These scholarship awards, along with our people’s choice and honorable mention ribbons were an optional addition to our general awards structure that includes $2400 in cash prizes annually.

Our foundation is always exploring ways we can enhance the opportunities that we offer to both our venues and our artists. Therefore, beginning in 2016 we are now incorporating a $200 award into our set awards structure for all of our programs across the country. This ‘Continuing Art Education Award’ will be replacing our ‘Continuing Art Education Matching Scholarship’ and will be awarded to one individual each year, chosen by the judges. This $200 award will be utilized by the artists to further their art education with a class of their own choosing and will be accompanied by a special NAP certificate detailing how the artist is to redeem it.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of this award because implementing it means that well deserving artists from our program’s will further their practice and improve upon their skills and talent. Nothing pleases us more than to encourage art across this great country!