Our Featured Artists

Dawn (Cooper) Terry (Amateur) "Tequila Moonrise"
Current NAP Featured Artist
Dawn (Cooper) Terry (Amateur)
Tequila Moonrise

Each week we highlight one of the talented artists from our online gallery by designating them as the “Featured Artist”. Their ages, levels of ability and backgrounds vary greatly and each has something unique to offer the viewer. There is so much artistic talent within our online artist gallery that it can be very challenging to settle on a featured artist each week. It is exciting to see artists both young and old sharing their work with the public and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the popularity of our online gallery. To date there are close to 2300 artists sharing their art on the National Arts Program’s website.

When creating an artist account on our website, we encourage you to include a bit of information about yourself and your personal experiences or interests. In addition to an artist statement, be sure to upload three or more high quality images of your work.

Create an account today, upload your artwork and share your talent with the world! You might just be chosen as the next NAP Featured Artist!

Susan Oliver (Intermediate) "Melissa's Flowers"
Susan Oliver (Intermediate)
Melissa's Flowers

Trish Mistric (Intermediate) "It's a Bird, It's a Plane!"
Trish Mistric (Intermediate)
It's a Bird, It's a Plane!

Tegan Clark (Intermediate) "Let's Dance"
Tegan Clark (Intermediate)
Let's Dance

Bria Goeller (Teen) "Bring It On"
Bria Goeller (Teen)
Bring It On

Lisa O'Brien (Intermediate) "Japanese Cherry Blossoms"
Lisa O'Brien (Intermediate)
Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Gary Graham (Professional) "Purple Petals"
Gary Graham (Professional)
Purple Petals

Illene Reed (Professional) "Little Lone Wolf"
Illene Reed (Professional)
Little Lone Wolf

Laura Ficke (Amateur) "Karma"
Laura Ficke (Amateur)