A Year of Art for Memorial Health Care

“Finally, the art is back!” and “I’ve missed the art so much!” are just a few of the statements made by passersby while taking in the artwork lined hallway at Memorial Health Care System, TN.  The artwork not only adorns one of the longest hallways in the hospital, stretching from the Emergency Department to the Surgery Waiting area, but is traveled daily by everyone from patients to associates to doctors. 

The overwhelmingly positive response to the return of the NAP exhibition each year is just one of the reasons that Coordinator Melissa Tinker decided to extend the length of their Sixth Annual NAP Show.  The exhibition, which opened on October 8th, will run through August 30, 2013 (almost a full calendar year), making it one of the NAP’s longest shows.

In addition to the daily passersby, Mr. Jim Hobson, President and CEO of the hospital, was able to view the more than 100 pieces of artwork submitted by the community at Memorial Health during the awards reception in which he attended to help honor the winners.  It is always great to see the exhibition receiving support from all levels of hospital staff and we look forward to another successful exhibition in 2013!    

Appalach Shrimper, Dr. David Salerno, Intermediate, Best of Show, Painting, Employee; Cardiologist

Appalach Shrimper
Dr. David Salerno
Best of Show
Employee; Cardiologist