Winners of the 10th Annual NAP Show in Charlotte, NC

The City of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County 2010 NAP Winners.
Adult Amateur
First Place – Shelley Gahren
Second Place – Frank Bock
Third Place – Bill Gintert
Honorable Mention(s) – Gail Whitcomb and Rachel Gardner
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Richard Bowers, Jr
Second Place – Tom Hopkins
Third Place – Cherie Ezell
Honorable Mention(s) – Michael McKee and Angela Berry
Adult Professional
First Place – Lew Harford
Second Place – Raymond Burton
Third Place – Joe Taylor
Honorable Mention(s) – Try Miles
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Eric Levine
Second Place – Ashley Pridgen
Third Place – Brie Belz
Honorable Mention(s) – Zoey Gallagher
Teen 13-18
First Place – Alex Booth
Second Place – Kelley Rathod
Third Place – Jay Hitselberger
Honorable Mention(s) – Jessica Avent, Ryon Allen and Emily Ray
Best of Show – David Lari