Ventura County Judges Have Words of Encouragement for NAP Award Winners

The judges had so many wonderful things to say about the artworks in the Ventura County National Arts Program Exhibition.  Some of the comments included; “I couldn’t stop staring at it. Well done”, “a striking painting by a budding painter”, “Perfectly captured”, “This artist shows great potential and I can see them going far”, and “The joy of creativity jumps off the canvas!” These art professionals had nothing but positive thoughts on the talents that existed in all ages and levels of ability in this showcase.

The Best of Show award this year went to Ozivane Hobbs for ‘Flowers’ a piece the judges stated, “feels like it belongs in a museum. It is lovely and understated and evokes a confidence and beauty from its creator.” The task of judging is a difficult one but it’s obvious it was made even more challenging in Ventura due to the extraordinary number of talented artists in this community. The National Arts Program congratulates all the participants of the 17th Annual showcase which was displayed from Nov 30, 2018 to Jan 8, 2019 and thanks the Ventura County Arts Council for another show well done. In addition, we would like to wish a happy retirement to our longtime coordinator, Margaret Travers, who was the Executive Director of the Arts Council for over twenty years!

The Best of Show Award went to “Flowers” by Ozivane Hobbs, Professional Category, Craft; Employee; Human Service Agency.