University of Maryland Medical Center Does it Again

Kerry Sobol, Director of Patient Experience and Commitment to Excellence (C2X), stepped in and ran the whole show for the 7th Annual University of Maryland Medical Center NAP Exhibit! With approximately 8,000 people invited to participate; promoting and organizing this show is quite an undertaking. Kerry and her staff handle it beautifully every year. This year there were 184 pieces of art hung throughout the University of Maryland Medical Center Atrium lobby for all to enjoy.

UMMC has been consistent and dedicated in their efforts to make this show great. Every year there is strong participation from the employee base which is fully due to the efforts of the UMMC C2X Healing Arts Team. This event brings in the talents of so many staff and their family members; even physician Mary Malderelli graced guests with her piano playing during their wonderful awards reception. Also, in attendance at the awards ceremony were; President & CEO, Mohan Suntha, VP Patient Experience, Giora Netzer, and SVP & Chief Nursing Officer, Lisa Rowen. With all these wonderful officials and the esteemed judges honoring the artists and presenting awards and certificates, it certainly makes for a joyous event. Over 150 guests attended the celebration and took in the art of this talented employee community.

We are proud to have such an incredible medical establishment hosting our program and showcasing the talents of their employees and families, year after year. We thank the UMMC C2X Healing Arts Team for introducing this program seven years ago.

The First Place Award in the professional category went to “Gaze” by Adrian Rugas (pictured above).