Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Announces NAP Winners

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More than 5,000 individuals were invited to participate in the New Jersey Medical School's 3rd Annual National Arts Program in January 2014.
On exhibit throughout the Medical Science Building were the creative talents of 120 participants. The composition of the pieces varied and included, crafts, paintings, sculpture and photography.
Noreen Gomez, coordinator of the event, commented that this year people understood what the exhibit was about and were thrilled to participate. The culmination of the art exhibit was a Meet-the-Artists reception on February 20, 2014. Cash awards ranging from $25 to $300 for different categories were presented.
Click here to view the 3rd National Arts Program reception photos.
Youth 12 and Under
1st place - Michelle Yuan (Pumpkin & Fruit)
2nd Place – Stafanie Fabbroni (Amun-Ra)
3rd place – Troy Powell (Untitled 1)
Honorable Mention – Tzipporah Rosenbach (Cardinal)
Teen 13-18
1st Place – Maria Sirca (Starlight)
2nd Place – Jessica Wu (Summer Fun)
3rd Place – Sydney Powell (Untitled 2)
Honorable Mention – Bridgette Powell (Untitled – Seaside Town)
1st Place – Michaela Lizaso (Sadness)
2nd Place – Hee Jin Kim (Life of Beauty)
3rd Place – Weddy Balmaceda (Thank You God)
Honorable Mention – Channan Lerer (Strings of Love)
1st Place – Barry Kreiswirth (Mushroom Stool)
2nd Place – Sneha Shah (Catching My Breath)
3rd Place – Hana Aviv (Galapago Bird)
Honorable Mention – Daniel Markowski (She Knows, She Knows)
1st Place – Joyce Faucette Farmer (Still Life with Copper Pot)
2nd Place – Constance Klein (Winter Warmth)
3rd Place – Lucero Lopez (Nocturno)
Honorable Mention – Luis Raul Poveda (Cocoons on a Linear Tangent)
Best of Show
Susanna Pitak Davis (Angel Approaching La Sagrada Familia)