Rave Reviews for Ventura County, CA

The Ninth Annual Ventura County Arts Council NAP Exhibit was displayed from August 27th through October 12th. The 170 pieces of art were hung in the Ventura County Government Center Hall of Administration Atrium Gallery.
The award reception had less than the expected number of attendees due to the holiday date, but was nevertheless a joyous occasion. Catering, live music, balloons and the attendance of many department chairs as well as the Deputy CEO raised the overall quality of reception for visitors and winners alike.
Employee Mark Kalin was particularly grateful for the program, commenting that his son, 1st Place Youth Category winner Nico Kalin, said it was the, “Happiest day of his life!” We are pleased to offer the opportunity for youth to take part in our NAP Exhibitions and always love to hear of their positive reactions.