Philly Show Features Instagram Exhibit

Attendees to the City of Philadelphia NAP Exhibit were not only able to view the artwork but were invited to participate in a unique way by using the phone app 'Instagram'.

“Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Users just snap a photo with their mobile phone using the Instagram app, then choose a filter to transform the image and share with the community.”

Josh Dubin, Special Project Coordinator for Creative Philly, reached out to the NAP with the idea of creating an Instagram exhibit that would debut during the awards reception of the annual show.  Creative Philly has their own Instagram feed where they promote the art happenings throughout the city, but this was the first time it would be used to create a show within a show. 

Visitors who used the provided hashtag (#PHILLYNAP) when posting their photos were able to view their images immediately on a large monitor that displayed a continuous loop of all the Instragram pictures in the lobby during the reception.  This not only created a smaller instant exhibition within the larger NAP show, it provided attendees with the opportunity to interact with the exhibition and present a piece of artwork of their own.

To check out all the pictures taken during the opening reception, just punch #PHILLYNAP into your Instgram search box. This is just one more way venues have been getting creative in integrating social media into their exhibits to help keep art fresh and relevant to people of all ages.