Osceola Arts has Strong Participation Once Again

The mission of Osceola Arts is to promote, cultivate & foster interest and participation in the arts by providing affordable and accessible programs and facilities that encourage artistic expression in the diverse community they serve. They certainly help accomplish their mission by running a fantastic National Arts Program® Exhibit each year. This year for their 11th Annual showcase coordinator Marilyn Cortes-Lovato hung a total of 180 artworks from Osceola County School District and Osceola Center for the Arts employees and their family members. Participation has always been strong in Osceola due in no small part to their relationship with the school district and in particular the Fine and Performing Arts Specialist, Pam Haas. According to Marilyn, Pam does a great job connecting with school district employees and encouraging participation. 
The show takes over the entire Osceola Arts Center building, including both gallery spaces and the main lobby area, and is so beautifully displayed that is makes for a breathtaking exhibit!  The show also includes many unusual pieces of art, of special note is a mixed media piece entitled “Gloria” by Louise Hallauer which took home the Best of Show Award. Louise has been a member of the National Arts Program®’s online artist gallery since 2011 and currently displays over fifty of her works there for all to enjoy! Click here to view her online gallery 
“Gloria”; Louise Hallauer; Professional, Best of Show; Mixed Media; Employee; Osceola Arts