Nothing But Professionalism at Hopkins

The Turner Concourse at Johns Hopkins Hospital East Baltimore Campus is not just a pass through on the Hopkins campus; it is home to a large number of events throughout the year including the annual NAP exhibition.  So what happens when unforeseen construction forces all these planned events to be rescheduled? Well if you’re Amanda Myers, our Hopkins venue coordinator, you handled the unexpected situation with true professionalism. 

After learning that the already publicized annual exhibit would have to be rescheduled, Amanda reached out to the NAP to discuss the situation.  Coincidentally, this year Amanda decided to utilize our online registration form instead of using their own from previous years.  Because of this small change, the NAP had direct access to the artists who had already registered, allowing us to step in and help spread the word about the date change.  By taking this large task off Amanda’s plate, she was able to focus on other important items including the re-promotion of the show in case of a drop in participation due to the date changes.

Not only did all of Amanda’s hard work pay off with a beautiful exhibition, the show also boasts one of the highest participation rates in years.  With 196 participants each displaying an original piece of art, the Turner Concourse walls were filled with the wonderful work of Hopkins employees and their family members.  This is an amazing 65% increase from their previous show in 2014!  

In turn, more than 450 people attended the awards reception held on April 5th to celebrate the seventh annual exhibit with the Hopkins community including Redonda Miller, MD, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Bonnie Windsor, Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

We say it time and time again, that the NAP would not be able to be so successful in so many different locations across the country without our dedicated coordinators and this statement definitely applies to Amanda!

One of the very professional displays of art in the Turner Concourse at Johns Hopkins Medicine.