Nothing but High Praise for Boise

Adrienne Kerr (pictured right), who has been a participating artist in the Boise show for a number of years, won first place in the Amateur category for her piece entitled ”Cathedral of Trees”. When asked about the NAP, Adrienne remarked,”This show is an incredible opportunity to display artwork and the prize money is so helpful to my career.  As an up and coming artist in the community, I use the funds to reinvest in my supplies and self-promotion. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to it every year.”
Adrienne was not the only one to express their love for this year’s NAP’s show in Boise. Both of the judges commented on how the show displayed such a wide variety of mediums and techniques making the exhibit a refreshing show of the talent within the community. “This event is a perfect platform to encourage creativity in our city,” remarked one of the judges. 
Even Council Members  Ben Quintana and Maryanne Jordan, who attended the awards reception, sung the praises of the program by stating that, “the event is a true ‘bright spot’ in our programming.” 
The huge success of our NAP exhibition in Boise is due largely in part to the hard work of our venue coordinator Josh Olson and his talented team from the Arts & History Department. Josh has overseen every element of the NAP in Boise, ID from the registration process to hanging the artwork all while helping to increase participation every year since their first show in 2009. 
Their Fourth Annual NAP exhibition was no different with more than 160 pieces on display from 147 artists.  The show was featured at the Idaho State Historical Museum again from August 28th through September 23rd.