sNAPshot October 2017


October 2017

Kids create instagram contest 
Mayor Levar Stoney promoting the NAP with help from a few Richmond youth artists.

New Leadership Brings Triumphant Return of Richmond NAP Exhibit

The NAP was pleased to welcome Richmond, Virginia back in 2017 for their fifteenth exhibition at Pine Camp and Community Arts Center. Under fresh leadership from new coordinators Ann-Marie Williams and Shaunn Casselle, this year’s program was a tremendous success! The exhibit featured close to 250 pieces of art from City of Richmond and Richmond Public School employees and their family members. 

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“PJ”; Maggie McCulloch; Teen 13-18, Art Education Award; Works on Paper; Relative; English Department

NAP Goes from Possibility to Reality at Kennesaw State University

In 2016 Zuckerman Museum of Art Director Justin Rabideau and Outreach + Education Coordinator Katy Malone had the pleasure of judging the National Arts Program® Exhibition at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. After experiencing the program first hand they inquired about the possibility of bringing the show to the Kennesaw State University community. Just one year later their inaugural NAP Exhibit has come to fruition! 

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“Shades of Green”; Chloe Wong; Teen 13-18, First Place; Works on Paper; Relative; Community Services

Honolulu Hosts Record Breaking Ninth Show

Honolulu, Hawaii did not just host their ninth exhibition with the NAP this past August, they celebrated the largest show they’ve had since joining the program in 2005. This year’s exhibit, which was on display in the Honolulu Hale Courtyard, featured a record breaking 210 pieces of art from 129 different participants!

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What to Know About the Controversy Surrounding the Chinese Art Exhibit Coming to the Guggenheim

The Show Goes on for NAP Venues Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Fulton County, Georgia and VIA Metropolitan Transit, Texas were just two National Arts Program® Venues that were impacted by these hurricanes yet they committed to moving forward with their respective shows. These exhibits are a time for the employee community to celebrate each other and their families. It is a time to come together and honor the creative parts of their lives. Such an uplifting and celebratory event is certainly a welcome distraction during the months of difficult recovery that lie ahead for so many.

This year was VIA Metropolitan Transit’s 7th Annual National Arts Program® Exhibit and it was slated to have an opening reception on August 26th. With Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, Coordinator Daniel Rodriquez made plans to reschedule after the storm had passed. He felt the time was right just two weeks later and held their awards celebration on September 9th. Many came to honor the artists and take in the 158 artworks that were on display; including VIA President & CEO Jeffery Arndt, VP of Human Resources Marcus Peoples, and Manager of Employee Service & Benefits Cathy Schnitzer.

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