New Coordinators Bring NAP Back to Front Range

3 Rock the Arts is a team of three very talented ladies – Toni Brock, Evette Goldstein and Jeanne Trueax – who put on three large annual art shows in the Castle Rock, CO area as well as assist the Parker Artist Guild with other sponsored projects. These ladies are also the ones responsible for bringing the NAP exhibit back to Front Range in 2018 after a brief two year break due to the disbandment of the Greater Castle Rock Arts Guild, which had previously provided a coordinator for the show.

It is because of their belief and dedication to the program, that the Philip S. Miller Library was once again filled with artwork created by the Castle Rock community.  This year’s exhibit showcased 110 pieces from all levels and abilities creating a beautiful display of creativity for all to enjoy.  It’s obvious that participants and visitors to the library were thrilled to have the show back as the coordinators received numerous comments from library attendees stating that the show was the best show they had seen in a while.

Of all the shows organized by 3 Rock the Arts, the ladies commented that, “the National Arts Program show ran the smoothest and was the most professional of all.”  They attributed this partially to the “outstanding and efficient support” provided by the NAP staff especially with all their first-time questions.  The NAP is always happy to provide support to our hard-working coordinators as they are the liaisons to the venues, the participants and the community at large. 

The NAP is excited to have Front Range back and look forward to the showcasing the arts with the continued partnership of the wonderful 3 Rock the Arts team!

Art Education Award Winner Anna Clubb with Jeanne Trueax and Evette Goldstein