Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport Showcases Talents of Employees, Volunteers & their Families

This was only the second annual NAP Exhibit for Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport and already Coordinator Diane Dombrock is running it like a pro! The National Arts Program Foundation felt honored to see the exhibit in person this year and attend the beautiful award reception, complete with harp music and served food and drinks for everyone. Two special guest speakers attended, including Executive Director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission Jeff Hamiel and Executive Director of the Minnesota State Arts Board, Sue Gens.

With 113 artists entering 174 artworks, the exhibit is a beautiful eye-catching display of a wonderful mix of work from artists of all ages. The exhibit is displayed in Concourse C Gallery Area between Gates C7 and C11 from November 22nd 2011 through March 6th 2012. The show is a spectacular site for any traveler lucky enough to pass through MSP Airport.