Mayor Puts NAP Artwork on His Own Walls

Mayor Michael Nutter reviewing all the artwork submitted with NAP Coordinator Tu Huynh (far left) before making his Best in Show selections.

Visitors to the Fourteenth Annual NAP Exhibit in Philadelphia, PA were treated to a number of changes this year.  The most notable being that the exhibition, which had previously been housed on the 5th floor of City Hall, had been moved to two new locations within the building - the first being right outside the Mayor’s office on the 2nd floor and the other on the 4th floor.  When Coordinator Tu Huynh was asked about the change in exhibition space he commented that the Mayor himself had requested to have the artwork displayed on the second floor.  Along with being right outside the Mayor’s office, these two new locations provide the exhibit with more foot traffic from employees and the visitors to the building since many of the public service offices are housed on these floors.

However, Mayor Nutter’s involvement with this year’s program didn’t stop with just a request to change the location, he also personally reviewed all the artwork submitted (more than 150 pieces) and selected this year’s Best of Show.  During the awards reception speeches, Mayor Nutter noted that the artwork from this year’s exhibition was so exceptional that he was unable to pick just one Best of Show, so he choose two. The winning pieces belong to Joseph Sannutti, an employee from the Dept. of Behavioral Health and Wayne Stewart, an immediate family member of an employee from the Prisons Department. In addition to the two pieces currently being displayed right outside the Mayor’s office, they will also have the honor of being exhibited in the Mayor’s office reception area once the exhibit comes down in February.