Marvelous First for University of Arizona, AZ

For close to two decades, the University of Arizona has been displaying employee artwork in their annual “On Our Own Time” Exhibition. After learning about their annual art exhibition, the NAP reached out to the Staff Advisory Council in regards to potentially partnering on the event. With only a few changes to their current rules of exhibit, the NAP could offer a fresh new take on their already existing program. By collaborating with the NAP, the University was not only able to add cash awards to the exhibition, but was able to allow immediate family members to participate as well. Coordinator Jose Solorzano, who has been working on the exhibition for a number of years said, “this year it definitely felt like a new beginning.”

The exhibition, which featured 129 pieces of art by 77 participants, was professionally displayed in the University’s Union Gallery from March 30th through April 22nd. While the exhibition was up, visitors were able to vote on the first ever “People’s Choice” award, another first for the show. The NAP is pleased to welcome the University of Arizona to our family of venues!

Manny Martinez - Intermediate, First Place

Manny Martinez
Intermediate, First Place
Mixed Media
Employee; Facilities Management