Los Angeles Superior Court, CA Announces 2011 Award Winners

Los Angeles Superior Court is please to share the winners of their 9th Annual NAP Exhibition. In addition to the normal NAP awards, judges award Honorable Mentions based on each category (ie: painting, photography, etc). 
Coordinator Pebbla Wallace also includes the jurors in the process by awarding a Juror's Choice at each location. To see pictures from this year's event, please visit their venue page of our website.
Congrats to all of this year's participants!
Adult Amateur
First Place – Sandra Lynch
Second Place – Suzanne Pierson
Third Place – Alonna Peppers
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Lheitha Salazar
Second Place – Larry Moreno
Third Place – Judie McAskill
Adult Professional
First Place – Camilo Cruz
Second Place – Carole Boyajian
Third Place – Christopher Smith
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Kai Faust
Second Place – Renae Tamura
Third Place – Noelle Tamura
Teen 13-18
First Place – Austin Keavney
Second Place – Daniel Woolsey Jr.
Third Place – Janel Gonzalez
Honorable Mentions
Painting – John W. Solner
Works on Paper – Andres Cuervo and Gilberto Jauregui
Photography – Jordyn Gott
Sculpture – Heng Yoke Huynh
Craft – Elvis Smith
Mixed Media – Rachel Perez
Juror’s Choice
Stanley Mosk Courthouse – Jennifer de Ita
Criminal Justice Center (11th Floor) – Michael Tafoya
Criminal Justice Center (5th Floor) – Kelly Heffelfinder