First Year for VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX

VIA Metropolitan Transit, TX opened their First Annual NAP Exhibition on February 12, 2011 to rave reviews. The exhibition featured 75 pieces of artwork from VIA employees and their immediate family members. The artwork was displayed through February 28th at the One9Zero6 Gallery, located in downtown San Antonio.

With more than 300 people estimated at the awards reception, the gallery was packed with beaming employees and their family members. Adding to this feeling, Henry Muñoz, III, VIA Board of Trustees Chair and Keith T. Parker, AICP President & CEO along with Buster the Bus where in attendance to help honor all the artists.

First time participant and winner Jeff Ramirez (artwork below) used a portion of his award money to construct a website documenting the first VIA Metropolitan Transit NAP Show. The website ( features images of all the artwork as well as photographs of the gallery and the awards reception. Jerri Ann commented, “this will be a great tool to document the exhibits in future as well.” The NAP couldn’t agree more!

In an effort to raise even more awareness about the exhibition, the award winning pieces will be moved from One9Zero6 Gallery and put on display at the VIA Metro Center where employees and visitors can see the artwork daily. We are sure that VIA’s future will be filled with artwork!

VIA Metropolitan Transit’s NAP Website

VIA Metropolitan Transit’s NAP Website