First Art Education Award Presented in Portland

In addition to celebrating their Tenth Anniversary with the National Arts Program®, our City of Portland exhibition was the first venue to present our new Art Education Award.  After reviewing all of the entries in this year’s show, which is no small task, the judges selected Youth 12 & Under artist Miranda Young for her piece entitled “Beau” (pictured left). 
Coordinator Karen Seymour always does a wonderful job selecting artists from the local community to be judges for the annual event.  She not only takes the time to pick people with unique artistic experiences, but really provides them with an environment that promotes open discussion about the artwork.  Karen even makes the time to personally hear their thoughts about the winners.  When she was discussing the reason the judges selected Miranda's work for this first time award, judge Sarah Hipple mentioned that she was really drawn to the use of the different mediums to create the collage.  Stating that, “the piece shows that the artist really took time developing the layers and they all came together beautifully to form the piece.”   
As the recipient of this award, Miranda will receive $200 to be used towards any visual arts class or training of her choosing that will help further her art education.  We look forward to seeing what Miranda creates next!