Enhancing the Community Through Art at DFW Airport

The annual NAP exhibition at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport plays a vital role in bringing together the large and often busy community on numerous levels.  By giving airport personnel the opportunity to contribute to their daily work environment in a way that is outside their required job description, DFW provides them with a deeper bond within their professional community.  This bond is only strengthened by allowing family members to not just attend the event, but to participate in enhancing the work environment of their loved ones.  By recognizing that productive employees have a healthy support system in their personal lives and making the connection between the two, DFW creates a space where everyone feels valued for their contributions. This includes volunteers who play a vital role in the airport community.  As it stands, the exhibit is currently the only event hosted by the airport that brings employees and volunteers together on a personal level, making it a crowd favorite according to Coordinator Kori Stolar. 
Now in their twelfth year with the program, the exhibit continues to showcase the amazing talents of these creative individuals. Employees like Smitha Mathew, an Amateur artist from AOC Operations and Volunteer Ambassador Tere Goldenstwin-Lanier, a Professional artist, who were both awarded Second Place in their respective categories for their artworks.  If you happen to be traveling through DFW this summer, we encourage you to take a minute to visit the gallery space located in the Rental Car Center to view more of the wonderful artwork on display through September 5th.
'The Zecharias Project" by Smitha Mathew (L) and 'I Promise You' by Tere Goldstein-Lanier (R)