Doctor's Day Follies and Art Exhibit at Central Lousiana Arts & Healthcare

For the fourth year, Central Lousiana Arts & Healthcare, Inc. hosted their combination performing and visual arts follies.

The National Arts Program® once again partnered with them on the visual arts side of the event.  With 108 piece of artwork on display from more than twenty deifferent department, Judith Ginsberg, NAP Coordinator for the art show said "this is a wonderful event for our community." 
This year, Judy also decided to distribute an optional survey to participants (great idea!) when they dropped off their artwork. The survery found that of the 64 participants, 24 of them were first time exhibitors and 90% of those who entered planned to attend the awards reception. In addition, the survey also revealed information regarding why participants entered this year as well as in previous years with popular answers being “it felt good to have my colleagues see what I do,” “I entered to have a place to show my art,” and “I participated to support
Arts & Healthcare.”
The Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Vincent Malloy commented when asked about the event, "the public gets to see us outside of the white coats and sterile environment of a hosptial. We get to see each other in a different light."  We couldn't agree more and can't wait to see what the future brings for Central Louisiana Arts & Healthcare!