DFW International Airport NAP Exhibit Delights Travelers

Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport has been showcasing the artistic talents of their employees and families for twelve wonderful years through their National Arts Program exhibit. Coordinator Kori Stolar who has been involved with the program since the beginning said, “the quality of artwork amazes me every year. The employees, volunteers and their families are extremely talented, and I am always excited to give our customers some visually stimulating material to enjoy while they traverse our airport.”

When art is displayed in an airport, the art takes on so many roles. The artworks can serve the travelers by welcoming or inspiring them. The passengers may look up as they are hurrying along and have a pleasant or thought-provoking experience during an otherwise potentially stressful trip. The public also have a chance to take in the art of the employee community giving them a chance to see another dimension of the airport employees that serve them.

This annual show isn’t just an opportunity for passengers to have a new experience in the airport but also offers fellow employees a chance to gain a fuller picture of the people they work alongside and to see each other as more than just their job titles. This wonderful showcase is certainly a treat for all who participate and all who view the exhibit. Their NAP exhibit was on display this year from May 22nd through September 2nd and we look forward to its continued growth and success within the DFW International Airport community for many more years to come.

The Third Place Award in the Intermediate category went to “Tiled Wood” by Brandon Wales (pictured above).