DFW International Airport Goes Green in 2013

As part of a ‘Green Initiative’ this year Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport made a few key changes to their National Arts Program Exhibit®. They encouraged all participants to register online and also used an email version of their yearly reception invite. During the reception they made the decision to project the evening’s agenda up onto a wall rather than printing them for all attendees as they have in the past. These were simple solutions and Guy said that, “people really appreciated the ‘going greener’ effort”.

This was the Seventh Annual NAP show for DFW International Airport and the sixth and final year for their wonderful Coordinator Guy Bruggeman. CEO Jeff Fegan, who has faithfully attended every NAP reception, is also on his way out as he has decided to retire after 19 years. Guy commented that, “it’s really special to see my co-worker’s children participate year after year and blossoming into true artists”. With 17 youth and teen artists they really helped to add a certain whimsy and spirit to an overall beautiful showcase.

We are sad to see that Guy, their beloved Art Program Specialist, is leaving but he has made the NAP at DFW a success and his efforts will carrying the show on for years to come. A new coordinator will step in to fill his big shoes for their 2014 show.

CEO Jeff Fegan, who is retiring in September, takes one last opportunity to congratulate the 2013 NAP show winners.