DFW Encourages Employees to See Themselves as Artists

“Untitled”; Kim Zarko; Professional, Third Place; Mixed Media; Employee; Marketing
“Untitled”; Kim Zarko; Professional, Third Place; Mixed Media; Employee; Marketing

One of DFW Airport’s Art Program goals is to keep travelers passing through inspired by their surroundings. They manage to do this successfully by featuring more than thirty pieces of art by local, national and international artists in and around the airport grounds. These installations not only provide an artistic environment to those just moving through the busy airport, but to the hard working employees who often spend more hours at the airport than they do at home.

Eleven years ago, DFW went one step further in their efforts to motivate their employees by asking them to take part in their very first NAP exhibition. This opportunity bridged the gap between employees and the professional artists they see daily by allowing them to view themselves as artists who are worthy of having their artwork on display in the airport setting.

Since that very first show, hundreds of employees like Kim Zarko, who’s work is pictured, and their family members have had the opportunity to annually display their artwork at DFW. This year’s exhibition is the largest one since 2010, featuring 173 pieces of artwork by more than 100 artists! A large part of this can be attributed to venue coordinator Kori Stolar and her hard working team from the Marketing Department including co-coordinator Jordan Stinnett. In light of this year’s success, the team has already set a goal to beat these numbers next year and plans to start promoting even earlier.

It’s clear that DFW truly values the effect that art has on the airport environment and the benefit inspiring their employees in their artistic endeavors.