Children's Hospital of Michigan President Attends NAP Reception

Grace Serra, who is the Art Advisor for the Children's Hospital of Michigan Healing Arts Program, was once again coordinator for their annual National Arts Program® Exhibition. This was their sixth annual show and it opened on March 5th displaying artworks throughout the halls of the hospital for all to enjoy. Hospital President, Herman Gray attended the June 25th closing awards reception and presented winners with their prizes. Grace said that this year’s show was a good mix of past artists taking part again and new artists joining in for the very first time. Grace also commented that the non-matching scholarship dollars allowed her to hire someone to help hang the show since their staff carpenter was laid off this year. With a wonderful Coordinator and a great location, we know the show will thrive and grow in future years.

Bursting Out with Joy, Marisa Zamoski

Bursting Out with Joy
Marisa Zamoski
Teen 13-18, Second Place

Relative; Surgery